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Web Design and Development

So you need a website?

You’re looking for a web design agency, but you know from your friend’s experience that it’s a difficult process, with shady agencies abroad. 

You’re hesitant to pull the trigger, but you know it needs to be done. 

You’re looking for quality, but you also don’t want to break the bank, or feel scammed. 

Trust us when we say, we’ve been there and experienced it. Finding the right web design agency for your business is a difficult decision. 

Having to work inside a multi-million dollar construction company and dealing with other shady agencies is what put us in this business in the first place. We have experienced your pains from the consumer side, and are now here to give you relief and bring in a new and superior generation of Agencies. 

Let us make your web design process as easy as possible for you.  

Some Of Our Website Projects

We are your experienced team of professionals who live and breath web design, based in Sacramento, CA

We are pioneering a new age of web agencies. Web agencies that are here to help you in everything web related. From the design, to the web development and search engine optimization.

 If you ever felt the need to have a partner by your side, at arms reach for everything digital and web related, now is your chance.  

Why Apollo Marketing Agency?

Apollo has an in-house team of creative web designers and developers. No foreign outsources here. 

Confident that we are able to give you the most seamless web development process. This ensures quality and peace of mind, knowing your job is in the right hands.  

Our unique web design process ensures you get exactly what you’re imagining in your creative mind brought into reality. 

Our Website Design Process

Get a glimpse into your future with Apollo.

See what the next steps will be, outlined clear for you to follow bellow. 

Step 1.

What do you need?

We will get on a call and discuss exactly what you are looking for. After understanding your needs, we will send you a statement of work and after it is signed we will move to the next step. 

Step 2.

Design And Creative

We have a proprietary form that we will send to you to fill out so we can further understand your creative vision.

We will also send you several other websites for you to skim through and let us know which one/ or what aspects you want us to reference. 

Step 3.

Time for Work!

We will begin work on your website, depending on what your needs were, it will take about 2-6 weeks to complete.  

Step 4.

Revisions and Finalization

Depending on your needs, you get a couple rounds of revision. We will show you the website and where it’s at, then you can request changes. 

After we are complete with the revisions, we will finalize everything. 

Step 5.

Hosting and Management

You have the option of either managing and hosting the site yourself, or we can do it for you. 

No matter what you decide, we’ll be here for you. 

Website Design Pricing

Compare Packages

Beautifuly Templated

$ 1000 4 pages
  • Premium Template
  • 1 Hour Brainstorm
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Image Sourcing
  • Google Maps
  • Contact Form
  • Analytics
  • 2 Revision Rounds
  • Custom Dashboard

Customized just for you

$ 3000 4 pages
  • Customized Template
  • 1 Hour Brainstorm
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Image Sourcing
  • 3 Custom Icons
  • Google Maps
  • Contact Form
  • 404 Redirects
  • XML Sitemap
  • Analytics
  • 3 Revision Rounds

Custom Website from Scratch

$ 7500 5 pages
  • 2 Page Design Mockup
  • Custom CMS
  • 2 Hour Brainstorm
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Image Sourcing
  • 6 Custom Icons
  • Google Maps
  • Contact Form
  • 404 Redirects
  • XML Sitemap
  • Analytics
  • Animations
  • 2 Hour Training
  • 3 Revision Rounds
  • Self Management Solution


Most frequent web development questions and answers

Feel free to schedule a call with us or email us at info@apollomarketingagency.com or call 916-903-4598. Please, make sure to have any reference sites on hand and have a basic understanding of what you want. We’ll take care of the rest !

Yes! We offer training for managing your own site at 120$ an hour, or if you want us to manage it it’s a $100 a month management service charge. 

No, SEO is a completely different animal, that takes a monthly investment and lots of time to build up. Search Engine Optimization is a separate service that we offer, please talk to your representative about it. 

No, In order for you to have complete control to your website, you need to have these yourself. However we will guide you in the right direction. * Our Silver Plan websites will need to be hosted by us, you receive your own custom dashboard to manage the site from. *

Of course! If a web agency has ever offered you a non mobile friendly website option, you need to run far far away from them. With over 60% of web traffic coming from mobile, it is a necessity to have a mobile friendly website. 

No ! Even though our web design agency is focused and based in Sacramento, California, we do work all throughout the United States. 

Apollo Marketing Agency has been instrumental in helping me develop a brand, logo, and website. They have been creative, flexible, and insightful. I'd certainly recommend Apollo Marketing Agency to other start-ups in need of the same.

Ryan White

Moventous Gym Founder

Let's Get You On The Right Path.

Get an in-depth marketing plan and proposal today. If you decide to not go with us (which you won’t), you can keep our plan.  

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