Some of our favorite projects and their stories.

The founders of Cobex were very ambitious, and like all of our clients, they hungered to stand out from the crowd. After being in business for one year, and paying tens of thousands of dollars to companies like Yelp, Home-Advisor, and Angie’s List for leads they decided to take marketing matters into their own hands. That’s when we created a brand new SEO-optimized website,  graphic designs, several marketing campaigns (across Google, Facebook, and Youtube), took promo videos and photos of remodels, and automated email and text campaigns to nurture leads.  Our campaigns consistently grossed $50-150k in sales a month.

Bird Dog Delivery was a new and young start-up when they found us, they had a concept and couple clients, but wanted an identity. After our in-depth interview process to understand their vision, we crafted a unique logo and identity for their clients to remember them by. As well as a modern website that enables them to take deliveries online and communicate their services and mission with the public. 

Similar to Cobex Construction, Rose Remodeling was a young construction start-up, looking to get an edge over its older fashioned competitors. They didn’t even have an office yet when they ran into us. Rose understood the importance of branding and marketing, so ever since the companies founding Apollo has created and managed his company’s website,  created the brand and messaging, and created several online marketing campaigns to drive leads and sales for the company. Now Rose enjoys a healthy stream of new bathroom and roofing jobs a month. 

Cal Granite is one of our older companies we work with, having been in business for 15 years. They have a consistent and very healthy stream of referral and repeat business, but still hungered for more. So we made them a new marketing campaign with Facebook, which grossed $70,000 in sales within just the first month. 

A fitness trainer turned gym owner, the Moventous story is an exciting one. When Ryan wanted to pursue his passion of becoming a gym owner he chose us to help him create his companies image. So we created a beautiful website and logo, along with business cards, social media icons, and letterheads for him to use for his gym. 

Here we humbly present, our first client. Randolph’s website hadn’t been updated since his business first opened up in 2001, it wasn’t even optimized for mobile. He understood the importance of having a mobile-optimized website, so he contacted us and we began work immediately, providing him with a fresh new website where he can not only show off his products but sell them online as well. 

These were just some of our notable client stories, we have helped a total of 24 clients with over a hundred jobs completed to date.

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