Contractor Partner PRogram

Do you want to get $60 per qualified appointment?

A tried and true system.

Imagine getting exclusive qualified leads cheaper than on Yelp, all while building your own brand’s digital presence….

That’s exactly what you will receive with our Contractor Partner Program. Our team will set up your campaign, manage it, and even CALL and MESSAGE leads to book appointments for you if you desire. 

Since Apollo got its start in the Retail Contracting industry, we know how difficult it could be for contractors to manage leads, campaigns, bookings, and following up with prospects. This is why we have decided to niche down to helping other contractors and remodelers succeed. 


This program is perfect for you if...

– You already do at least $200,000 in monthly sales



– You want 15-40 additional qualified appointments a month for your sales reps to close



– You’re company has a great product with great customer service  


– You want an additional and consistent income stream for your business, other than relying on Yelp and other pay per lead providers

Our Simple Contractor Partner Process

Get a glimpse into your future with Apollo.

See what the next steps will be, outlined clear for you to follow. 

Step 1.

Set Up

After we are partnered, we will set up campaigns and our systems to begin generating leads for your company.

Step 2.

Time for Work

You will start seeing leads show up in your inbox, in as little as 2 days of our campaigns beginning. 

Step 3.

Rinse And Repeat

 If you have us manage your leads, you will get live reports of closing rates, results and performances on your dashboard. 

I lay a significant amount of our marketing success on our partnership with Apollo Marketing Agency. So much so that I consider them as long term strategic partners...

Vazgen Dallakyan

Cobex Construction Founder

Contractor Partner Program Pricing

No Shady Long-Term Agreements

$ 900 Month To Month
  • Set Up Our Tried and True Marketing Campaign
  • Manage Campaigns and Test New Strategies
  • Get Qualified Leads for $25-$45
  • Get Inquiries for $7-15
  • Monthly Ad Spend Of Up To $1,500
  • We Will Call, Follow Up With And Book Leads, With Your Personal Dashboard. (additional $1,000 A Month)

Let's Get You On The Right Path.

Schedule your quick call, and let’s show you how we get our clients an additional $50-100k in sales a month!

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